Vascular Access Button™ for Mice

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Like its larger cousin for rats, Instech’s new mouse VAB™ permits quick, aseptic connection and disconnection of a catheterized mouse and an infusion tether. The polyester surgical felt disk measures 14mm in diameter. Catheters attach to a 22ga or 25ga connector under the felt. Instech’s mouse catheters are designed for a perfect fit with these connectors; models are available for jugular vein, carotid artery and femoral vein/artery.

Access the port built into the button directly using a syringe fitted with a mating PinPort or VAHLS25/30 injector. Connect a tether with a 25ga swivel for continuous access (the same KVAH62T tether kits that are used with the mouse VAH). Use the red aluminum VAB62CAP to protect the button stalk when group housing mice.

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