Vascular Access Harness™ for Mice

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Instech’s mouse VAH™, an advancement on the Covance Infusion Harness™, permits quick, aseptic connection and disconnection of a catheterized mouse and an infusion tether.

Like its larger cousin for rats, the system consists of two parts: a miniature external port housed in a harness (VAH62AB or VAH62AB/25) and a mating spring tether with a connector (VAH62T) that pierces the septum to make the fluid connection. Mice can be ordered with a catheter and the harness pre-installed (see Partners list at left). Then, to begin an infusion study, simply wipe the septum with disinfectant and connect the VAH tether to the harness. Flush, inject into or sample from the harness directly as needed using a syringe fitted with a PinPort injector (included with the harness and available separately). Do not use other types of needles to access the the very small septum in the mouse VAH; they can damage the septum or fail to make a connection.

The standard system is designed for single channel infusion for blood sampling of mice using a 25ga swivel. Use use the harness with the 25ga connector with 2Fr catheters such as the C20PU-RJV1301 mosue jugular vein catheter; use the 22ga harness with two piece catheters that have externalized 3Fr segments, such as the C10PU-MCA1301 mouse carotid artery catheter.

All parts are supplied EtO sterilized. Please contact Instech for pricing on order quantities of 50 or more pieces or for custom configurations. Now also available in a 2-channel version.

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