The PinPort™ provides fast, aseptic access to externalized rodent catheters for dosing or blood sampling. It can reduce study costs and improve compliance with the 3Rs. The system consists of a lightweight port, just 3mm in diameter and 0.1g, and a mating injector which can access the port hundreds of times.

  • Quick. Infuse or withdraw from the catheter in a fraction of the time it takes with plugs and blunt needles.
  • Clean. The PinPort is a closed system that permits aseptic technique. This can reduce infection, improve patency and ultimately reduce the number of animals required for a study.
  • Safe. The injector is recessed and provides complete needle stick protection for personnel.

The PinPort is designed for intermittent, manual access. It is not designed to be connected to a tether and swivel for remote or continuous access; for tethered applications use the related Vascular Access Harnesses or Buttons for rats and mice.


The PinPort™ is available in white or red and with 22ga
or 25ga couplers. Use colors to distinguish vessels. One
injector works with all PinPort varieties.
Both the ports and the injectors are available separately in
boxes of 50 or 250, packaged 5 to a sterile pouch. Ports
and injectors are also available as a set, packaged one set
per pouch, 20 pouches per box.
All parts are provided sterilized by ethylene oxide.

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