Softee Huber Needle Sets

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The Softee™ needle infusion set is an industry favorite due to its soft construction, low profile, and gripping ease. These Huber needle sets are for protracted infusions and other access. They are available in a variety of lengths and configurations typically comprising the needle, pvc extension tubing, female luer, and tubing clamp.

Huber needles and other non-coring needles can be nuanced in the research field, particularly as many ports are smaller than human use ports and do not have the large height under the septum that human-use ports have. As such, the height of the distal needle opening should be as short as possible to provide proper clearance of the needle tip under the smaller animal-use ports. Solomon Scientific Huber needles are made with customized (and more costly) B-bevel tips which are shorter than the human-use industry standard (cheaper) A-bevels. Solomon has developed other customized non-coring needle solutions as well.