Inline Access Port

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Prevents needle ‘walk-out’
skin parallel access promotes superior needle retention, due to horizontal placement of the
needle/infusion set

Low profile, light weight, biocompatible shape
reduces incidence of skin necrosis

Linear port pathway
for advancement of an infusion catheter, probe or guidewire through the port and into the vessel

Ability to restore patency
by the insertion of a separate, smaller *infusion catheter directly through the port and catheter to access the vessel

Smooth interior surface
offers option of infusion & sampling through a *flexible, kink resistant infusion catheter in place of a steel needle

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Caractéristiques techniques

  • Size & Material : medium polysulfone
  • Applications : primates, dogs, rabbits
  • Weight : 3gm
  • Volume : 0.17cc
  • Height : 0.4”/1cm
  • Septum Opening : 0.30×0.2”/0.8×0.5cm
  • Footprint : 0.66×0.73”/1.7×1.9cm
  • Catheter Configuration: Ports can be ordered with catheters preattached or attachable/AC (to be attached in surgery)
  • Catheter Material: Ports can be ordered with Silicone, Polyurethane, Intisil (round tip Silicone), or Hydrocoat (round tip Hydromer coated Polyurethane catheters) in French sizes from 2-9.
    To minimize complications, the smallest diameter catheter feasible should be used.
  • Catheter Material Key:
    H – Hydromer coated Polyurethane catheter with round tip
    I – Intisil Silicone catheter with round tip
    PR – Polyurethane catheter with round tip