Signal Conditioners

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Signals that require amplification, filtering, and isolation are pre-processed though signal conditioners prior to being digitized by a PowerLab DAQ.

  • Bio Amps – Electrically isolated, high-performance differential biological amplifiers optimized for the measurement of a variety of biological signals such as ECG, EMG and EEG.
  • BP (Blood Pressure) Amp – A fully-isolated blood pressure amplifier approved for human connection.
  • Bridge Amps – ADInstruments Bridge Amps are single-channel or multi-channel, non-isolated bridge amplifiers designed to allow the PowerLab to connect to most DC bridge transducers.
  • Bridge Pod – A low-cost signal conditioner designed to work with bridge-type transducers and PowerLab data acquisition systems.
  • Cardiac Output Pods – For use with T-type thermocouples in the determination of cardiac output using the thermodilution technique.
  • Conductivity Pod – Used with conductivity cells for monitoring solution conductance.
  • EOG Pod – The EOG Pod utilizes the steady corneal-retinal potential in the detection of eye movement and position.
  • GSR Amp – A fully isolated Galvanic Skin Response amplifier with low voltage, 75 Hz AC excitation and automatic zeroing.
  • Light Meter Pod – The Light Meter Pod is supplied with the Light Meter Probe and is used for monitoring light intensity (200 lux – 200 klux).
  • Neuro Amp EX – The Neuro Amp EX is a low noise and high gain device which makes it suitable for all recording environments requiring a wide bandpass (100 Hz to 5 kHz) and a high signal to noise ratio.
  • Oximeter Pods – Oximeter Pods are used for the non-invasive measurement of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). Oximeter Pods plug directly into a PowerLab Pod Port or a Pod Expander.
  • pH Amp – The pH Amp is a dual front-end suitable for use with pH, ion-selective and potentiometric redox electrodes.
  • pH Pod – The pH Pod is a high input impedance amplifier suitable for connection to combination pH or Redox electrodes. The pH Pod is suitable for monitoring pH or other potentiometric signals.
  • Pod Expander – The Pod Expander is a front-end designed to provide Pod support on MacLab and PowerLab models that do not have built-in Pod connections. It provides 4 Pod inputs and is compatible with all Pod models.
  • Spirometer – The Spirometer is a precision differential pressure transducer for measurements of respiration flow rates.
  • Spirometer Pod – The Spirometer Pod measures respiratory flow rates in humans in conjunction with an appropriate respiratory flow head and PowerLab.
  • Stimulators – Software-controlled, constant-current stimulators. Two options allow for use in vitro with isolated samples, or in vivo for human nerve and muscle stimulation studies.
  • Temperature Pods – Suitable for general temperature measurements in the range 0-50°C using either Thermocouple or Temperature Probes.