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Flexible data acquisition and analysis software, with a range of Add-Ons. You can also share and view LabChart data files for free with LabChart Reader.

Designed for quick and easy use, for full control of your data

  • Preconfigured settings files for one-touch recordings
  • Smart detection of all ADInstruments peripheral devices
  • Welcome Center for single-click access to all your files, support, and new software features
  • Manual or event-driven sampling
  • Signal specific analysis tools
  • Fully customizable stimulator control
  • Full layout control – only display what you need to display
  • Easily modify signal detection algorithms
  • Set up hot-key macros for automating repetitive tasks (Windows only).
  • Scripting environment for custom signal analysis (Windows only).

Send and Publish your data

  • Upload your data files to our cloud-based storage and share a link with your peers
  • Embed interactive data files in your website or blog
  • Store 1 GB of data files for free