Pompe Péristaltique P720 INSTECH


Instech’s P720 laboratory peristaltic pumps deliver the low flow rates of syringe pumps without the limits on delivered volume. They are ideal for tissue perfusion (see this application note) and other low-flow laboratory applications.


  • Precise – Precision-machined pump heads, Swiss-made motor and gearhead assemblies, linear speed control, and a range of tube sizes deliver flow rates from 0.2 µL/min to 18 ml/min (0.04 to 1100 ml/hour) with an accuracy better than ±5%.
  • Small – The pumps fit in the palm of your hand and weigh about 1 pound.
  • Versatile – Pre-assembled tube sets are available with your choice of 3 tubing materials, 9 types of connectors, and one or two channels.