Pompe Péristaltique P625 INSTECH


Instech’s revolutionary P625 peristaltic pumps are ideal for fluid transfer applications where size, power efficiency, and precision are important.


  • Flow rates from 0.0007 to 19 ml/min. Configure the pump with one of four Swiss-made motor and gearhead assemblies to best match your low-flow application. The specially contoured pump head minimizes pulsations and improves accuracy.
  • Precise bi-directional speed control. Built-in circuitry provides linear flow rate control over a 10:1 range, requiring only a single supply and an analog control voltage.
  • Low power, low noise operation. Typically drawing between 25 and 75 mA, this pump is well-suited for battery powered applications. Its all-analog design minimizes EMI.
  • Easy-to-use tube sets. Tube sets can be installed and removed in seconds. They are available in a range of sizes and materials and all but the largest tubing sizes are available with two channels. Choose pump roller size based on tube set material (see PDF spec sheet below for details).