MultiStim: Stimulateur programmable 8 canaux

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A-M Systems is proud to introduce our new MultiStim: Programmable 8-Channel Stimulus Generator, the Model 3800.

Based on our experience producing the finest single channel stimulator on the market, the Model 2100 Isolated Pulse Stimulator, we developed the Model 3800. It has 8 completely independent channels, a front panel touch screen, and computer control capabilities.

Each Channel can provide pulse durations as short as 1microsecond over a 15 minute timing interval, or up to 1ms with a 250 hour timing interval.

Pulse intervals can be as short as 3 microseconds!

Designed to deliver trains of monophasic or biphasic pulses, the Model 3800 can also deliver traditional protocols such as Paired Pulses and Stepped Pulses. Each channel also has a SUM output, whereby the signals of other channels can be summed together for complicated waveform protocols.

Full Triggering options include 8 channel specific TTL BNC connectors, 3 generic TTL BNC connectors that any combination of channels can be linked to, and interchannel triggering. There are 3 gate TTL bnc connectors that can be linked to any channel as well. Pulse or Train TTL sync pulses are provided.

By using one channel to trigger another channel, you can combine the timing ranges, resulting in microsecond pulses occurring every 250 hours (if you needed such a schedule!).

All functions can be controlled by a front panel touch screen interface, or by a Windows software control program via USB. Stimulus program sets can be stored on-board the instrument as well as on-line. MATLAB® and LabVIEW SDK and drivers are also available.

This device is a constant voltage device, capable of producing 10V biphasic pulses.

An optional Model 3820 stimulus isolation unit ±60 V and ±10 mA compliances is available.


  • Wide timing range: 1 µs to 250 hours
  • Minimum pulse duration: 1 µs
  • Minimum pulse interval: 3 µs
  • Excellent timing accuracy: better than 0.02%, 
  • Mono- or bi-phasic pulse outputs
  • Paired Pulse or Stepped Pulse protocols
  • Combo outputs sum individual channel outputs for waveform flexibility.
  • Control via front panel touch screen Windows software program 
  • Calibrated voltage output: ± 10 V with 1 mV resolution (single channel output)
  • On-board memory to store stimulation programs
  • Sync outputs for both individual pulses and the entire burst train
  • Optional SIU available
  • MATLAB® and LabVIEW SDK and drivers available
  • Includes:
    • Rack Mount Hardware
    • Windows Control Program
    • Instruction & Maintenance Manual
    • USB Cable