Analog Stimulus Isolator

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The Model 2200 Analog Stimulus Isolator is designed for a wide variety of applications. It provides opto-electrical isolation for stimuli generated by a wide range of signal sources. The signal is DC-coupled, and can take on any waveshape within its wide bandwidth.

  • Constant Current or Constant Voltage
  • Mono or Bi-phasic Capable
  • Low Noise
  • Optically Isolated Output
  • Built-in Battery Recharger


  • Control software for IBM-PC Compatibles included
  • Constant current and constant voltage source
  • ±50 V maximum bipolar/biphasic output voltage
  • 5 mA maximum output current
  • Opto-isolation 
  • Wide bandwidth, DC to 40 kHz, < 10µsec rise time (resistive loads)
  • Uses only two rechargeable batteries and has a built-in recharger
  • Compact: 2.5″ x 6″ x 6.25″
  • Low noise:
  •    Mode          RMS Noise

     10 V/V          <10mV

       1 V/V          <3mV

       1 mA/V       <1µA

    0.1 mA/V       <100nA

     10 µA/V        <10nA

       1 µA/V        <2nA