Injection Robot

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The Injection Robot is the only ultraprecise microinjection system with software control and atlas integration.
It combines the benefits of the motorized stereotaxic (StereoDrive) and the versatile microinjection pump (InjectoMate). From now on you can perform multisite microinjections. Define your targets and injection protocol and the Robot will take over.

This fully computer controlled setup offers boundless possibilities for implementing accurate, reproducible, high-throughput experiments.
In combination with StereoDrive InjectoMate allows an unprecedented Automated Multisite Microinjections setup. This setup offers boundless possibilities in terms of injection protocols. The injection protocol can be defined in an Excel sheet and imported to the Multisite Injection System.

The number of targets is not limited. We have been reported from customers already working with the Multisite Injection System to have done microinjections to more than 600 targets in less than 2 hours.

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