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Instech’s plastic infusion swivels are designed for researchers that require components touching the fluid path to be replaced after each experiment. While we have used a plastic body in order to reduce the cost, the critical seal design is the same as is used our stainless steel models.

Plastic swivels are available in with one channel only in the following sizes:

  • 375/20PS (pink, 20ga) – Blood pressure measurement or IV feeding with rats
  • 375/22PS (blue, 22ga) – Standard infusion of rats
  • 375/25PS (purple, 25ga) – Mouse infusion

The 375/20PS and 375/22PS models include plastic swivel-tether clamps that mate with Instech PS95-spring-based rat tethers (such as VAH95T, VAB95T, CIH95 or DC95S) whereas the 375/25PS model mates with PS62-based mouse tethers (such as VAH62T, CIH62, DF62S or LW62S). Order adjustable clamps (part no CLAMP) for use with other sizes of spring.

Plastic swivels are provided individually packaged and sterilized by ethylene oxide; they should not be autoclaved. They are also available as part of pre-assembled, sterile infusion kits. Please contact Instech for quantity discounts on orders of more than 100 swivels.

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