Cadre stéréotaxique ultra précis motorisé Neurostar – 10 µm


David Kopf Instruments is pleased to introduce our collaboration with Neurostar, Germany, the inventor of the Motorized Stereotaxic ( We now offer Kopf stereotaxic instruments and manipulators with robotic features including state-of-art software.

Kopf’s area of expertise will continue to focus on the design, accuracy and mechanical functioning of the stereotaxic frame, mechanical manipulator and head holding devices. Kopf frames will be the mechanical foundation for the Neurostar Motorized Stereotaxic. Robotic features and software are integrated by Neurostar. The finished product will be supported by Neurostar.

Using the Motorized Stereotaxic you can focus on the experiment without having to manipulate the stereotaxic by hand. Neurostar’s software allows you to control the motorized positioning of the probe in all three orthogonal axes by using the keyboard arrow keys, by clicking on the screen with the mouse or by using a joystick.

Neurostar’s Atlas Integration and Intuitive Movement Control enable ultra precise and reproducible stereotaxic microinjections, probe positioning and highly accurate automated drilling, craniotomy and brain windowing. Automated atlas adjustment by smart software algorithms compensates for human errors, interindividual variations and alignment inaccuracies.

Neurostar’s software facilitates experiment planning by atlas browsing, target definition, storage and retrieval. The optional usage of Robot Add-Ons such as Robot Drill, Robot Microinjection and Smart Bregma Finder saves time, increases experiment accuracy and reproducibility, enabling high-throughput stereotaxic procedures.


  • Computer Control
  • Atlas Integration
  • Head Tilt Correction
  • Avoids Human Errors
  • Experiment Planning
  • Define/Store Targets
  • Intuitive Navigation
  • Angle Adjustments
  • Bregma Setting
  • Ultra Precise
  • Time Saving
  • High Throughput