Unité d’anesthésie 410


The Univentor 410 Anaesthesia Unit is designed to control the mixture of liquid anaesthetic and air with the precision required to successfully operate on animals weighing from 20-500 grams.

The Univentor 8323101 is designed to operate with compressed air reduced to not more than 1 bar whereas the Univentor 8323102 has been adapted to work with a pulse-free airpump.

This instrument was developed in conjunction with Professor Thoren, Karolinska Institute, to enable the use of Isoflurane while limiting the environmental factors as well as the substantial costs involved.

We redesigned the traditional flow meter block and the vaporiser into one very small, user and animal friendly unit which enables savings up to 75%.

Air and anaesthetic is mixed in the vaporiser according to setting and may be delivered into an anaesthetised box, through a mask or to a ventilator.

Even though pre-calibrated for Isoflurane other anaesthetics may be used taking the various properties into consideration.

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