TH-8 Thermalert Monitoring Thermometer

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FOR THE ANESTHESIOLOGIST, rectal, skin, and esophageal probes monitor patient temperatures.

IN CARDIAC SURGERY, three probe inputs allow simultaneous monitoring of body care temperature, heart muscle temperature (with implantable myocardial probe) and solution temperature (with in-line probe).

IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM, TH-8 gives fast readings with oral and rectal probes and reads low temperatures for detection of hypothermia.

TH-8 can be installed anywhere temperature monitors are needed. It weighs under 3 lbs. and can be mounted overhead, on poles or on shelves.
TH-8 accepts all Physitemp thermocouple probes and can be used for routine as well as special applications. There are skin surface probes, flexible implantable probes, needle microprobes and many general purpose sensors