MT Series Needle Microprobes

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These stainless steel microprobes have closed, sharpened tips. We can put up to 3 sensors in a 23ga needle and 1 or 2 sensors in a 26ga needle.

MT Series Needle Microprobes

When ordering, specify: Probe series (MT), needle gauge, needle length, number of sensors and distance between sensors in cm.
e.g. MT-23/5(2) is a 23ga needle, 5 cm needle, 5cm long with 2sensors. Unlessotherwisespecified sensorswill be lcm apart, starting at tip.

We also manufacture interchangeable single sensor probes and microprobes available in many configurations. Our thermocouple probes include clinical probes-skin, rectal, oral and esophageal. There are implantable needle and flexible sensors and probes for measuring surfaces, liquid and air. See our data sheet on interchangeable probes and sensors for more descriptive information on individual probes.