Micropositioner Hydraulic with 25mm Travel

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Model 2650 Micropositioner is an electronically controlled hydraulic micro stepping positioner.
David Kopf Instruments offers a wide range of products for micropositioning that combine rapid motion with micro meter scale resolution.

Model 2650 Advanced Electronics Features

Electronic control assembly is designed for continuous motion speeds (run mode) that can be pre-selected up to 10 pre-defined speed settings with ranges from 1 µm/sec. to 4 mm/sec. Rapid single motion (burst mode) travel range: from 0.1 µm to 99.9 µm with resolution of 0.1 µm. The burst movement may be accomplished at either 2 mm/sec. or 4 mm/sec fixed speeds. Due to the performance characteristics of the hydraulic system, burst travel range setup of .5 µm or higher is recommended.

Model 2650-Z Hand Control with 10 foot cable provides absolute control of the microdrive. Hand Control with 25 foot cable can be provided upon request. A retract /advance rocker switch is utilized for directional positioning. Burst and run movement are controlled with individual pushbuttons. A reset button (recessed guard protection) is used for resetting the control panel display readout. We also offer Model 2650-Z-T Hand Control with spring loaded toggle run switch as an alternative to the standard pushbutton style run switch.

Standard unit is a bench top set-up. A 6 foot power cord with applicable power plug is included.