Micro manipulateur Electrode Models 1460, 1460-61

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Kopf Electrode Manipulators are designed to manipulate stereotaxic drills, cannula insertion kits, micro injectors and other Kopf stereotaxic accessories.

The Kopf design enables two manipulators to be placed side by side with bases touching.
Each manipulator position can be articulated independently without disturbing the other. This
is because of the narrow width of the slides and strategic placement of the screw-adjusting knobs. The end of the lateral slide has a precision “V” groove and locking thread to which electrode holders and accessory equipment may be
attached quickly and easily.

Model 1460 Electrode Manipulator

Manipulator X, Z adjustment – 80 mm travel calibrated 0.1 mm vernier scale (100 micron increments), 3.0 mm advance per revolution.

Manipulator Y adjustment – Manual adjustment 100 mm each side of zero (A/P bar) 0.1 mm vernier scale.

Angle adjustment – Fully universal joint calibrated on two planes for access from any angle. Vertical alignment pin can be removed for angled settings from 0° – 90° either side of vertical, 2° increments.

Rotation adjustment – Manipulator swivel base can be rotated up to 360°. Manipulator X/Z axis can be repositioned at 90° increments.

Model 1460-61 Micro Manipulator with Fine Adjustment A/P Slide Assembly

includes all specifications listed above with the additional feature of a screw-driven A/P plane for fine resolution.

Manipulator Y adjustment – Metric scale 25 mm travel. Calibrated dial – 10 micron increments,
1.0 mm of travel per revolution.

Manual adjustment – 100 mm each side of zero (A/P bar) 0.1 mm vernier scale.