Logiciel Adagio



  • Low Cost Simple Installation
  • Flow Evolution Graph
  • Import & Export Programs
  • Quick & Easy Manual Pump Control
  • Monitor One or More Pumps
  • Program Data Logging

Quick & Easy Manual Pump Control:

The manual pump control tool allows easy direct control of the pump.

Pump commands can be entered directly into the log.

Multiple programs can be opened at the same time. The programs progression is tracked, and can be stored in a file for later access

System Requirements:

  1. 1 GHz Pentium processor or higher
  2. 512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended)
  3. Windows XP SP3 or Vista (XP recommended)
  4. Free RS232 or USB 2.0 ports (depending on the quantity, model and connectivity of the controlled pumps)
    1. Daisy chained pumps require a single port.
    2. Direct PC to Pump connections require one free port per pump.
  5. Microsoft Excel 97 or higher