High Power LDF – moorVMS-LDF1-HP

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The moorVMS-LDF1-HP™ is optimised specifically to enable measurements to be taken from the tissue surface down to deeper vascular beds than is otherwise provided by conventional laser Doppler systems.

The higher power in combination with wider separation of transmitting and receiving fibres in the probe head enable a larger volume to be monitored and also reduces site to site variations. The system is easily used with the standard moorVMS-LDF™ monitors to provide a comparison between deeper and more superficial changes.

For soft tissue we recommend the VP1-HP design which is fixed to the tissue with double sided adhesive discs. For bone measurements or surgical applications the VP7BS-HP needle design can be held in place either in a bur hole or by hand.

In addition we now offer a solution to allow combined deeper blood flow with surface tissue oxygen and temperature measurements, the CP1T-HP skin probe.

PC software (moorVMS-PC) is available to offer simple statistics (such as average LD blood flow, standard deviation, min, max etc) as well as more formal assessments of cardiac pulse wave amplitude for example, useful where cardiac synchronous pulsatility, as well as amplitude, are used as indicators of vitality (femoral head assessments).