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Innovative design is a LOMIR hallmark and down to the smallest detail our Large Animal Jackets fulfill all the demands placed on today’s investigators. A single jacket will typically incorporate many materials, special features and fabrication methods which combine to increase comfort for the subject, as well as ease of use for the handler. The models shown here are just a small selection from an extensive range which includes jackets for many other species.

LOMIR BIOMEDICAL’S inventory of Large Animal Jackets has been designed and constructed to meet the requirements of a wide variety of subjects and activities. But there are still many procedures which have unique requirements both in the type of subject and nature of procedure. In cases such as these, LOMIR BIOMEDICAL’S design group works in close collaboration with investigators to develop custom jackets specifically matched to the subject and procedure.


For procedures requiring ambulatory equipment, LOMIR provides pouches in a range of materials and sizes for attachment to LOMIR jackets. Also available are anchoring patches for tethering systems and inserts for dermal procedures.

A double stitched strip of elasticized material connects two layers of nylon mesh for comfort, flexibility and durability.

Regular Undershirts

Undershirts are made from smooth spandex fabric to provide a tight fitting garment which reduces rubbing and chafing. Models close and adjust with either Velcro fasteners or plastic zippers. As with all Lomir products our undershirts are available for all large animals with a complete range of sizes, customers have the choice of color coding to distinguish sizes or treatment groups.
Lomir is know for it’s capabilities in custom design and manufacturing and this applies to the undergarments. To explore the possibilities please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Custom Undershirts

Lomir, in collaboration with manufacturers of certain external telemetry systems have developed undershirts as well as outer jackets unique to respective systems. As the technology and equipment for telemetry evolves so rapidly we suggest you check our web-site and click on the telemetry section to learn about the latest jacket and undershirt combinations.