Dual Channel Vascular Access Harness™ for Rats

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This two channel VAH™ connects two independent fluid channels as simply as the standard VAH connects one. Uses include bile sampling, simultaneous infusion and blood sampling or simultaneous infusion and blood pressure measurement in rats.

Install the VAHD115AB harness at the time that the catheters are implanted. For best results use 3Fr round-tip polyurethane catheters. Access the ports directly using the needle-free VAH6M injector for manual injections, sampling or flushing. Connect the KVAHD115T tether for continuous access to one channel through a swivel and intermittent access to the second channel through an injection port. Alternatively, connect the VAHD115T tether to a 375/D/22 swivel for continuous access to both channels. Cover the harness ports with the optional VAHD115CAP for protection while in transport or untethered.

  • Bile sampling configurations
  • More information on sampling blood through the VAH
  • Animal vendors that install the VAH as a surgical service
  • Also available in a version with extra long (14in/36cm) belly bands for large rats or guinea pigs. Contact us for pricing on part number VAHD115AB14. (Standard belly band length is 9in/23cm.)
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