Collecteur de fraction réfrigéré CMA 470

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  • Fractions cooled down to +6 °C
  • Holds up to 64 sealed vials
  • Fractions from 1-2000µL

The CMA 470 Refrigerated Fraction Collector is especially designed to collect minute volume fractions typical of microdialysates. It has thermoelectric cooling down to +6 °C and the fractions can be collected in sealed vials. Both of these are important considerations for the prevention of evaporation and chemical degradation. The capacity of the collector is 64 vials of 300 µL each or 40 vials of 2 mL each.
Equipped with a belonging quadruple assembly the CMA 470 can collect fractions from up to four probes simultaneously. Included is also an option with four cannula holders for collecting samples in opened vials direct from the outlet tubing of the probes into the bottom of the vials.

The fraction collector is a stand alone instrument, but it is equipped with a digital Input/Output port and an RS-232 interface for connection to the customer’s own software.

Ordering information for CMA 470

Ref. No.
Ordering information for CMA 470

CMA 470 Refrigerated Fraction Collector includes:
4 Cassettes for Small Vials
Holder for single Cannula
Holder for dual Cannulae
Holder for quadruple Cannulae

4 Cannulae for Tubing
4 Cannulae for Septa

Ref. No.
800 2770 CMA 470 Refrigerated Fraction Collector.

Ref. No.
743 1100 Vials, Plastic 300 µL (1000/pkg)
743 1101 Caps, Plastic (1000/pkg) *
743 1007 Vials, Glass 300 µL (500/pkg)
743 2175 Caps/Seals Non-Reclosing Small (1000/pkg)
743 2017 Crimper,Small
832 0010 Cassette, Small Vials,Plastic
832 0008 Cassette, Large Vials, Aluminum
800 2999 Cannula for tubing
800 3000 Cannula for septa

* not for use in the fraction collector