Ionomer Glass FujiCEM

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Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Luting Cement

Now the choice is yours: automatic or by hand.

FujiCEM Automix: all the brilliant benefits of the exclusive FujiCEM Paste Pak dispensing system in a brand new, ultra-convenient automix delivery system.

Versatile new approach. No mixing. No mess. Easier results.

Developed by GC, a leading manufacturer of high quality, technically advanced luting cements, FujiCEM has built its reputation on successful clinical results during its seven years on the market.

The recipe for its success? With its own unique dispenser, FujiCEM creates a complete luting ‘system’ that not only simplifies the luting process, but also saves you time and helps ensure a perfect result.

Looking for added flexibility and ease of use? FujiCEM proudly presents the new Automix option. With FujiCEM Automix, you transfer an even mix directly into the restoration. It’s faster and easier than mixing by hand – without voids or risk of post-op sensitivity.


  • Extremely thin seating film
  • Adhesive and compressive strength guaranteed
  • Clinically insoluble ionic bonding
  • Sustained release of fluoride
  • Biocompatible
  • Radiopaque