PMI-100 Pressure Micro Injector

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The PMI-100 is a small, self-contained system for pressure injection applications. Internal injections (internally or externally timed) by front panel INJECT switch, external 5 volt/command, or optional foot switch. Multiple Channels are possible using a Single Pressure via remote mounted solenoids.


Injection Timing:
X1: 10ms to 2.99 sec.
X10: 100ms to 29.9 seconds or external foot switch (optional)
X100: 1 sec to 299 seconds
Air Input: 1/4″ NPTmale (150 PSI maximum)(female 1/4″ NPT to 1/8″ barb adapter available)
Output Port: LUHR fitting (mate supplied) with 1/16″ barb
Injection Initiation: Front panel INJECT switch, or external foot switch (optional)
Injection Range: Standard 100 PSI, optional 30, or 60 PSI ranges Size: Main Box: 2.7″ x 7.5″ x 9.7″ Solenoid Box: 1″ x 2″ x 3
Power: 115v/230v, 50/60Hz, 10 watts