Plastic Button Tethers


Instech’s plastic button tethers are designed for short- to medium-term infusion studies. All variations of this type of tether are based on the same design: the catheter passes through the stalk of a button which has been surgically attached to the animal (usually under the skin), into a length of stainless steel spring which protects the catheter and transmits torque to the swivel, and up to a swivel mounted outside the cage.

The lightweight plastic will not cause adverse tissue reactions as stainles steel sometimes can. The miniature LW62 for mice includes Dacron mesh which can be sutured onto the button to expand the attachment area and reduce strain on the sutures.

The buttons have a low profile stalk that reduces stress on the sutures as the animal moves. Simply twist the spring into the button stalk to attach it; the expansion force of the spring will hold it in place. The rat tethers also include a quick disconnect coupler which sits about one inch above the animal, allowing the tether to be removed and reattached easily. Plastic buttons may be reused but are not autoclavable. They are provided individually packaged and sterilized by ethylene oxide.

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