Mesure d’activité Multi-Varimex

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Multi-Varimex is unique to Columbus Instruments’ line of infrared photocell-based activity monitors. Multi-Varimex allows for user placement of up to 128 infrared photo-cell emitter/detector pairs. Photocell placement may be such that many cages can be monitored by a single computerized system. The freedom to place photocells as required also allows for monitoring complex maze environments. Placement of photocells at key points in a maze provides segmentation of the monitored space that automates scoring of behavior.
Open-field monitoring can be accomplished with spatial resolutions that precisely meet the monitoring demands. Increased sensitivity can be achieved with closer beam placement. The low resolution allows concurrent monitoring of more animals, making Multi-Varimex very cost productive where a large number of cages are required.

Multi-Varimex can be equipped with software for open-field and/or maze monitoring. Columbus Instruments’ Universal Maze Monitor Software (UMMS) for Multi-Varimex is a comprehensive tool for scoring maze exploration and learning. UMMS records all infrared photocell information into a file that contains identification of the photocell and the exact moment of the events.

A complete Multi-Varimex system incorporates infrared photocell beam sets, beam interface electronics, and applicable software. Systems are constructed in a modular fashion comprising groups of four infrared photocells up to a maximum of 128 infrared photocells