Dacron Mesh Button Tether for Rats

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These disposable buttons are designed for rat infusion studies lasting more than 2 weeks. After one to two weeks the subcutaneous tissue will grow into the Dacron® mesh, making the sutures irrelevant.

The tethers are available in 2 standard sizes for rats: .090″ clear lumen for single channel infusion and .105″ for two channel infusion. (For a button tether for mice, see the LW62.) A complete tether contains one button, 12″ spring and a quick-disconnect coupler. The DC95 buttons include a silicone seal for a 3Fr catheter to help reduce catheter movement and bacteria ingress.

Replacement buttons are available in packs of 10 or in bulk quantities of 100 (please contact us for bulk pricing). Implantable buttons are provided individually packaged and EtO sterilized.

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